Individual v team

 Individual v team

Where do ‘magic’ creative ideas come from…?

Generating #ideas it is often like steering a yacht in a strong wind, you try and direct it but then it gather it’s own momentum. Traditionally #creatives would work in an art director/writer team to generate well thought out rounded ideas, however it seems more common these days for a ‘Mac designer to be expected to do everything’ themselves or the agency ‘committee’ take over and everyone has their say. Which can often result in creative work which is lead by the computer effects and the treatment using library images to get the job done quickly and to fit with other work in that sector.

Now, I’m not saying there aren’t brilliant Mac designers around who can make the creative suite software dance to their tune. I also think brainstorming can stimulate ideas. However for me the creative team’ of art director copywriter is where the magic happens.

You don’t know exactly where it comes from and often it can’t be attributed to one or other of you but more the joint machinations create a ‘third voice’  which, hones the collective vision and provides clarity and momentum. It’s hard to explain but successful teams will I am sure concur that on occasions, what starts as a heavy handed idea, which takes both of you to lift off the ground will suddenly sprout wings and soar around the room delighting you with its beauty and you both look at each other and think fuck! Where did that come from?

You then take that idea to a photographer, illustrator, film maker or printer and involve them in the beauty of the project,. All the people I use throughout the process I respect and know they can add to the idea given the scope to do so. Not to change it’s course or alter the intrinsic message but add an extra layer to give it substance and depth .

Whenever I conceptualise on my own I always think there is something missing, sometimes its just a conversation to ‘bounce’ the idea of someone else to work through the thinking behind it. On other occasions a colleague may add what seems an insignificant creative embellishment and the whole tempo of the piece of work changes it rises up empowered and starts to strut around the room with an identity all of it’s own.
I have come to terms largely with my insecurity where creative work is concerned because over the years I learnt to consider it a strength.
It drives me to do better, to go further, to push a new idea, to have faith in the mad, the crazy, the different. And more importantly it gives the opportunity for the team to input and the ideas to grow without it having to be exclusively yours.
Check out some of our ‘team visuals’ for ad’ concepts which provided the inspiration for some award winning work…

NB:All concepts below are owned by Big Stick Advertising International Limited and Copyright is retained.

Black N' Red concept
Concepts for Black n’ Red Books and Pads positioning the brand as the ‘design accessory’ for the office. Including distinctive black and red imagery ie a bride in a black wedding dress with red lipstick and a groom in a black suit  and red shirt. A nest of snakes with red tongue holding a ballerina and a vaguely S&M style bird cage with black leather clad individuals one of which is bound in red wiro-binding. The message was;Black and red books were BOUND… BUT NOT BY THE RULES OF CONVENTION.
black n Red wedding dress
Suddenly everyone has Black n red snakes CCI00001   Giraffe ad' for 3M meeting charts Tesa "Shark' ad

Above an ad’ for 3M Post-it Meeting room pads so you don’t need ‘pins’ to pin up your ideas. Simply use the ‘giant Post-it Pad style meeting room presentation pads. The Giraffe’s ‘pins’ always make me smile!

The other ad’ is one of a series of ad’s for Tesa tape dispensers hence the shark analogy. All great fun to work on and the product of a the creative ‘Team’