Dacorum Recycling Council

Dacorum Recycling Council


The brief from The Dacorum recycling team was to create a campaign to promote recycling on their refuse vehicles, which would not only appeal to the public but also motivate the refuse collectors themselves.


Big Stick used humour based illustrations featuring the refuse collectors themselves on the poster creative.

They were portrayed in heroic situations, all supporting the recycling efforts and asking you to do the same. Amongst the scenario’s shown were  a refuse collector with a rose in his mouth for garden waste, bin men doing the ‘can, can’  (see illustration above!) to promote steel can recycling  (Yes! you can, can!) , and riding a motor bike to jump a wall of recycled cans ( in the style of Steve McQueen in the much repeated film ‘The great escape’).


The refuse collectors felt very much part of  the successful campaign which, achieved excellent awareness in the Dacorum area and boosted recycling figures in the region.

“The Big Stick recycling campaign hit the mark in appealing to our staff and the public, it was a job well done!”

Sheila-Dacorum Recycling team manager