3 Rivers Recyling Campaign

3 Rivers Recyling Campaign


3 Rivers Council wanted to achieve improve on their recycling figures by using poster sites on the sides of refuse vehicles to increase awareness, particularly of food waste but also to encourage the recycling of paper, plastic and glass.


A series of impact full images were used deliver astonishing facts about unnecessarily wasted materials.

Materials that could easily be recycled with a little more effortfrom all of us. Big Stick researched the market and found out why housewives, for example, were a little reluctant to recycle waste food… ‘It’s smelly and encouraged rodents!’ they said. However, when we told them that  a third of the food we bought was wasted (remember when you have meals and cook that extra pasta , just in case?) and that if we all recycled our waste food, it would be an equivalent saving in terms of the harmful gases released by wasted food  being  buried in the ground to taking ONE IN 5 CARS OFF THE ROAD. This seemed to change attitudes markedly and consequently was one of our featured poster messages.


The result was a series of informative, entertaining and arresting posters which, stimulated re-evaluations of public attitudes to recycling, Food recycling in particular. Recycling in the 3 Rivers region hit the 50% mark which is one of the highest returns nationally.

“It was refreshing to see so many amazing ideas presented” Marketing Manager 3 Rivers Council