An award winning creative agency, Big Stick has delivered up to 30% increase in sales for it's clients.

Creative Web Design

How many websites do you visit whose functionality is irritating, whose brand is anonymous and whose representation of company values is downright derogatory?
Big Stick Creative Agency designs sites with impact and style. Easy to navigate with clear benefits, optimised text and consistent brand values.

Creative Photography

Big Stick creative uses concepts and ideas to create compelling images. Images that tell a story or capture fleeting beauty for you to savour at your leisure. A Big Stick portrait should ooze personality from every pore. From corporate gravitas to fashion diva’s or sexy product shots… a Big Stick image will arouse and intrigue.


Creative Design Ideas

Design is not just about aesthetics. It’s about customer insight, knowing your audience, how they think, their style, their interests and designing to engage and inspire them.  Big Stick and creates designs that aren’t just stylish pieces of graphic design but also deliver your key benefit messages in a memorable, effective way.

Creative Copywriting

Copy doesn’t have to be perfunctory, trite or patronising. Say it from the heart, talk about your product with passion and conviction. Give your target audience the information they need to make the right decision. Tell them why you created this brilliant product,how it well benefit them and give them a burning desire to buy.

If you are looking for your creative work to get results call Big Stick on 01442 828883