Brochure Print

Product literature and brochure print is an important part of your brand collateral. It provides succinct information about your product and services and helps reflect the positioning of your brand. All marketing literature should focus on your clients needs and objectives, what motivates them and what compelling benefits your product or service can offer. If they are looking for detail and technical spec then a more emotive approach is unlikely to work. Equally, if it is a wedding brochure for example a more emotive approach might be just the ticket. Click on cover pic below to view brochure in full.

Functionality and Cost

A pertinent question Big Stick often asks it’s customers …“is a brochure the best investment?” What ideally would you like the literature to achieve?  Is the literature/brochure designed to provide information or response?

Again there has been numerous instances where Big stick has been asked for a brochure but the customers objectives were response orientated. Suggesting the money may be more effectively spent on web support or Direct mail.

Digital print, Lithographic print, screen printing, web process…which is best?

The quality of printing can make the difference to making your brand look prestigious and trust worthy or simply shoddy . A certain amount of technical knowledge is required so unless your trust your printer implicitly don’t go directly but via Big Stick.

Big Stick is a creative specialist so the production values of our creative work is paramount. Our art directors make sure their work will look the best it can look and they deal in print on a daily basis so they have a good knowledge of the nuances involved in achieving the best quality of job on the best materials to enhance the look and feel of your job. They know the weight of paper the processes involved to make it easier (and more economic) for the printer, the finishes and formats available to make the job more impressive, noteworthy and accessible. More importantly the Printers know they are dealing with ‘the trade’ and therefore like a house built for an architect they understand that a higher spec and higher attention to detail will be required.

Digital print is very popular at present and handles smaller quantities in an economic way and some machines like the Indigo digital printer provide excellent quality but if the quantity is 5 or 10,000 then lithographic print will yield higher quality results if you need 100,000 or 500,000 then you would generally print it ‘web’ as this process handles large quantities quickly and smoothly particularly for newspapers and magazines.