Marine Adhesives

Marine Adhesives


Experts in numerous business sectors based on their innovative approach to problem solving. Tape Specialities had the opportunity to enter the Marine Adhesive market featuring products From Den Braven and Apollo, giants in the construction market but yet to enter the marine sector.


Big Stick designed a brand and website to reflect the experience and serious product benefits of Den Braven and Apollo and launch them in the marine sector. Essentially the fire retardant elements of the products were far superior to anything else on the market and Big Stick used video footage from the website to U- tube to capitalise on this USP.


The result is an effective launch and the set up of 15 distributors world-wide to sell the Marine Adhesive range of products; 
”We needed to enter the Marine adhesives market and Big Stick helped us make a ‘splash’ both online and off said Marketing Manager Simon S.