Smiths Of London

Smiths Of London

The problem

How to launch an elite lighting brand to London’s interior design companies and architects . Style guru’s who have exacting standards and a creative outlook on life.


Big Stick firstly created the Smiths of London brand and then an advertising campaign associating famous poets  with Smiths of London. Big Stick did a photo shoot at a sumptuous country house Hotel with haughty models and examples of the sculptural elegance of Smiths of London lighting.

The lamps were shot in a traditional aristocratic English drawing room, a library, on a grand piano,  all giving Smiths lamps the elite positioning they warranted.
The imagery was then used in ad’ messages, on a website and in corporate literature.


The result was a successful launch to a demanding audience and an opportunity to carve out a space in
an exclusive, style orientated market place.