Creative Photography and Illustration

Big Stick’s in-house photography service means the creative concepts it produces don’t have to be limited to library shots available on stock sites. An original concept often needs an original image. Creative photography used as part of your corporate collateral can be vital in making your campaign memorable and helping position the brand and resonate with your target audience. This service is also useful for website creation as it means the design, photography, copywriting, hosting and programming can all be handled from a single source at a competitive cost by someone who understands the ‘bigger picture’.

Studio Photography or on location…

Big Stick photography has produced both product, people and event photography on location and in its own studio. Big Stick has photographed knights of the realm, MP’s , MD’s and fashion diva’s (not to be confused!) it has photographed imagery for ad’ campaigns including a Three Rivers Council recycling campaign, Machtech Porsche and First Class Cars Ltd (an elite Chauffeur company). Amongst our team of Photographers is Creative Director Carl Brady who specialises in people photography and provides the art direction simultaneously to provide people shots with a creative edge.

“As an advertising Creative Director the objective is always to make the subject look as perfect as possible. it’s great capturing the essence of a personality but I also enjoy shooting a glossy picture of a ‘normal’ looking so good they don’t recognise themselves!  Or a conceptual image that surprises the viewer and causes them to ‘double- take’  to re-evaluate the image. Creative photography also allows you to manipulate elements to make them larger than life to emphasise a feature or reinforce a message. You can instantly position a brand and identify the aspirations of the target audience.” Carl Brady-Big Stick Creative Director

Big Stick Creative Director Carl Brady specialises in people photography and below are a few samples of his work …Call him on 01442 828883 for further details or to arrange your next ‘shoot’

big03    Creative Photography of a young girl by Big Stick Photography  Creative Photography of a glamorous model for a Recycling CampaignPhotography portraitPhotographic portrait of muscle bound athlete