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Big Stick Corporate Branding

A brand is not just a logo but the signature of your business. A good brand should be distinct, memorable and reflect both the positioning and the inherent benefit of your product or service (usually via a tag line). It is also key that the brand image resonates with your target audience and is perceived as solid, reliable and trustworthy. It’s no good having a whizzy, flashy logo with all the bells and whistles, if your brand is targeted at bank managers or insurance salesmen!

For a brand to become part of your corporate language, it must be represented in a consistent way on all your marketing vehicles. It is an icon for your customers to learn and remember, which takes time and repetition. If your brand is to represent a product or service, which is international, stylish and contemporary, then it is inappropriate to use a ‘YE OLDE ENGLAND’ style typeface! Equally your logo should be consistent and whilst it may evolve over time, It is not wise to use an overly flamboyant typeface that will age badly (think of the clothes and haircut from your wedding photo’s!)

Icons and imagery

In some instances characters or visual icons have worked well to distinguish a brand and make memorable but remember your logo appears on EVERYTHING from a Web icon to a business card to a huge poster so it must work both in colour and black and white and have the flexibility to work at different sizes and formats. Below are a few corporate identies Big Stick has worked on…for the full case history please click on the logo icon