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Creative Copywriting For Print and Web

“Hey dudes, here’s some like deep, deep, thinking on writing some words that will really mess with your melon man…”

Creative copywriting like every other element of your marketing mix should be engaging and customer focused. Adopting an inappropriate style will alienate your audience. (how embarrassing is it when a parent tries to talk street slang with his teenager!?) Equally copywriting style can vary according to different marketing media. Writing for web for example involves the acknowledgement of key words and phrases to help your optimisation. Direct mail text must grab your reader from the word go and keep them engaged…and on every occasion text needs to feature the information your customers thirst for.

Nobody reads the copy!

it’s a popular misconception that ‘no one reads the copy!  More accurate is no one reads bad/boring copy that bangs on about tedious technicalities which the reader is neither informed by or interested in. Good copy should be succinct and passionate. The enthusiasm and belief in your product or service should be apparent in your copy. It should be persuasive engaging and easy to read. The other common question is “how much text should I write?” again the answer is a totally customer focussed … the amount of copy is based on how much you need to say to persuade your reader that your product or service is life enhancing and cannot be ignored.  The price of the product can also determine the amount of text ie to buy a 50K car may take more persuasion than buying say a £5 pen.

Many of our clients are articulate and highly literate but they don’t write their own copy because firstly it’s not a good use of their time and secondly they write from a position of  being a manufacturer or service provider not from the customers perspective. So next time you need copy f0r your website don’t get your PA to bang out 500 words talk to a Big Stick copywriter and let them fashion words to persuade your target audience and create a burning desire to buy your products.

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