Peak Cottages

Peak Cottages


Peak Cottages has been established over 18 years and needed a fresh but independent approach on taking and raising the profile of its business. It’s objectives were to refocus it’s brand benefits to a new audience And to well …get customers heading for the hills literally!! .


A creative platform was developed focussing on the outstanding Natural beauty of the Peaks and its contrast with the citycapes experienced day to day by many of it’s target audience. So the campaign line; for those of you in the city, this is not a screen saver. Came to be with a fantastic shot of the Peaks landscapes covered in purple heather

This approach was applied to advertising, Direct mail and to the annual brochure design for the holiday cottage locations along with input into the development of a new Peak Cottages web site.
The concept was flexible enough to adapt to different niche audiences and to focus on individual destinations in the peaks and their Attractions.


“This raised awareness both among our owners and customers whose feedback was very positive.
We will be developing this theme further as more time is now available.
We were very happy with what was achieved in a very tight timescale”

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