Oxford Brookes University

Oxford Brookes University


The challenge was to create a website aimed at 13-17 year old school children to help them widen their career horizons and maybe consider Higher Education for the first time. Big Stick were asked to come up with a name and a website design…


The concept was based on kids being able to try on a career for size by entering the “JobPod’ . Then choosing an avatar and answering questions
to focus on the career sector of their choice. Within the “JobPod” were job files describing different jobs, the qualifications
required and the different routes to achieving those qualifications. The avatar characters encourage multiple visits to raise the
awareness of the different career routes available. Big Stick provided literature,  promotional T-Shirts and post- cards to incentivise
school children to visit and compare notes.

UniPod- Advice for University students
This project was followed up with a ‘UniPod’ website which, was to support 15-17 year olds and give them the answers to their questions about University.This was supported with a folder to teachers and individual inserts to copy and distribute to their students in support of the website.


UniPod is now used in schools to explore career choices and the newly launched UniPod provides all the answers to diffident teenagers looking for reassurance before taking the big step into HE.