Oakman Inns Group

Oakman Inns Group


The morning coffee trade had become a highly competitive business in Tring and Berkhamsted and the Akeman and Kings Arms bar and restaurant sites were determined to ensure they got their product and offer bang on to tackle the big corporate brands such as Costa Coffee.
So a plan was devised to provide 100% fair trade speciality coffee for only a £1 compared to around £2.50 at Costa.
The message was then to be communicated on local posters and on in-house point of sale literature.


Big Stick came up with a number of ideas to target niche markets who enjoyed coffee mornings, from businessman and women to
housewives and local traders relying on coffee as their morning kick start.
The launch message was a simple cappuccino image with the £1 coffee message written in cocoa powder in the froth.
A simple hard hitting solution, it was then extended to include a housewife and business focused messages.
The series of posters set up a creative platform style to associate with our target audiences in a stylish accessible way and to make sure The Kings Arms and Akeman got there fair share of the morning coffee trade. 


The result was coffee sales quadrupled, the morning trade became brisk.
Peter Borg Neal the Akeman’s head of Business commented;
“Carl came up with half a dozen highly creative concepts , which captured my message in one hit”
P. Borg- Neal- MD