Kings Road Garage- Berkhamsted

Kings Road Garage- Berkhamsted


Kings Road Garage Berkhamsted is a Jaguar specialist which runs both a showroom and a service department from it’s Kings Road base. However to create more space Kings Road decided to move it’s service department a mile up the road from the Kings Road showroom location.
This would create space for upgraded diagnostic equipment in the service dept and a larger more diverse range of prestige marques on display in it’s showroom. As a longstanding local business in Berkhamsted they needed to communicate the changes and market their new enhanced facilities.


Big Stick updated the Kings Road Garage  branding and created a new marketing platform message;

’It’s not just Jaguars that PURRR at Kings road Garage’ .

Branding imagery for the new service dept and showroom was created and featured on banners, posters, direct mail and e’mailers to help communicate the key messages. As part of the strategy a new website was created which also reflected the corporate images and messages.


The result is a cohesive brand delivery across all marketing vehicles and a successfully launched new facility

You can see why they have won design awards, they think outside the box’
MD Kings Road Garage

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