Aylesbury Vales Recycling Posters

Aylesbury Vales Recycling Posters


Aylesbury Vale refuse vehicles have huge poster spaces on both sides and with new clean Vehicles on the way
Aylesbury Vale wanted new impactful recycling messages to inspire the community to Recycle more.
It was also key that the public were made aware that it was the council recycling team running the fleet
Of lorries not a separate contractor’


Poster images which had a consistent corporate feel but which used impact humour and topical issues to bring recycling to the fore and make the public realise just what the stakes were. This was a great job to work on creatively as the more research we did on food waste, plastic bottle etc the more your realised just what huge quantities of resources were being wasted only to be buried in the ground.
Again it was one fact about food waste which became the foundation for the whole campaign namely; we throw over £12 billion of waste food away every year Including 2.3 million untouched bananas!
The rest was easy there’s nothing more dangerous than an inspired creative team!


“A Big Thank you to Big Stick for creating such and effective campaign”
Marketing manager Aylesbury Vale recycling team