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How to produce an award winning creative campaign…

Big Stick uses your brief to deliver your message to it’s target in the most succinct, most effective way possible.

How do we achieve that? Mainly by listening carefully to our clients business objectives and acquiring a little of their extensive product knowledge. It can be a seemingly inconsequential client comment that can spark a ‘big’ creative idea which, overcomes obstacles to sale and helps sales explode!

99% perspiration, 1% inspiration

The uninitiated tend to think creative ideas come to you in the bath or after being holed up in a creative’s attic garret for a week with a spliff and a bottle of JD! However poring over the briefing document and the profiles of the target audience for hours is nearer the mark, using the product or service yourself helps too or at least talking to the people who buy the product or use the service.
It is from this groundwork you can gain the insight required to identify exactly what the customer is looking for and how you can fulfil that need in a unique and irresistible way.

The Big Stick approach has achieved up to 30% increase in sales

Having come up with the ‘big idea’, applying it to different marketing vehicles is how the idea grows and develops its own momentum.
Whether it’s applied to a website, product literature, direct mail or advertising, the brand USP (Unique Selling Point) is set and should be applied cohesively across the whole marketing platform, making sure that your brand is true to this positioning at all times.
This encourages your customers to both recognise and trust your brand and seek it out when purchasing.
Big Stick has achieved up to 30% increase in sales following this ‘common sense’ approach. Take a look at our portfolio pages on this site and see if you can identify the USP used by Big Stick’ to increase sales…